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The Calabar School of Philosophy (CSP) is a professional academic forum comprising of scholars (like-minds) across disciplines and devoted to the promotion of research and publications in any area of African and Intercultural thought.

The vision of the CSP among others covers two annual issues of her journal, two annual issues of her monograph, professional interaction in membership google group, biennial conferences and quarterly academic lecture series etc., all conceived to promote scholarly debate and inspire research in conversational thinking, African and intercultural philosophies and other areas of African studies.

Membership of CSP is therefore open to university scholars and students who are in the humanities especially in the areas like African philosophy, culture, history, languages, art, religions and studies. There is also room for scholars from other disciplines as there is philosophy in every discipline.



  • Professional Membership Certificate
  • Free copy of every issue of the forum's journal mailed to every member
  • Free copy of every issue of the forum's monograph mailed to every member
  • Opportunity to apply and be “elected” to give one of the quarterly lectures published as monographs
  • Opportunity to write and read professional objection after a lecture series
  • CSP quarterly lecturers receive memento at the end of their lectures
  • Opportunity to attend the annual CSP International Conferences
  • Opportunity to be nominated to edit a special issue of the CSP journal
  • Opportunity to edit or contribute an essay to the conference proceedings
  • Registered members receive membership pack
  • Zero conference fees for life members
  • A unique ORCID Researcher Identity number
  • Member list would be available on the forum's website


  • Prospective members must hold a minimum of a Bachelors (BA) in any area in the humanities for Alpha professional membership
  • or BSc, BEd in any field for Beta professional membership
  • Prospective Members must have a research interest in African studies or Africa based issues in their disciplines
  • Prospective Members MUST have ORCID Researcher identity number. Get yours here: orcid.org
  • Members must be active in research and engage in collaborative efforts in African studies
  • Membership certificate is valid only if bearer's name appears on the membership list on the Forum's website for the year of tender

For enquiries on how to become a member e-mail csp.info@unical.edu.ng and a desk officer will get back to you. Or download and complete the CSP membership form below.

Click Here to Download a copy of CSP Membership Form